Which are the medical marijuana uses and what are the side effects?

Can you define marijuana? Marijuana is the flowers and dry leaves of the cannabis Sativa plant. Marijuana is consumed in different ways such as eating, drinking, vaping, and smoking. Currently, in the countries where marijuana is legalized, the largest number of folks using marijuana use it for recreation and pleasure. A large number of doctors have prescribed marijuana for various specified symptoms and conditions. Check out this article, to find out the medical marijuana uses.

How does marijuana help medically?

Marijuana contains cannabinoids which are used in the production of some drugs treating various illnesses. The chemicals in cannabinoids are the same as those in the human body that is involved in memory, appetite, pain, and movement. According to my research, I found out about various medical marijuana uses. They include anxiety reduction, pain relief and inflammation reduction, helping control vomiting brought by chemotherapy, and increasing appetite. Doctors at times prescribe marijuana when treating these mental conditions; epilepsy, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and Tourette syndrome. Marijuana has relaxing effects which can help in enhancing sleep disorders like insomnia.

How do you take medical marijuana?

We have a variety of medical marijuana uses and there are various ways in which you can take the medical marijuana. The way you consume it depends on how the method works for you. The way your body works is different from the other person’s body. The following are some of the ways you can take medical marijuana. You can smoke it, eat it, apply it to your skin, and place some liquid drops under the tongue. Always ensure to take the right amounts according to prescription.

The side effects of medical marijuana.

Like any other drug, medical marijuana uses have several side effects on the body. Medical marijuana can lead to poor judgment and coordination in certain situations. This is very dangerous for it can cause injuries and accidents. The risk of smoking medical marijuana is that it adds to the risk of lung problems and bronchitis. Underage individuals should not consume the drug for it can lead to poor mental functioning and it might affect their IQ. Medical marijuana drugs can also cause depression, hallucinations, dry mouth, increased appetite, bloodshot eyes, and a fast heartbeat. Medicated marijuana drugs can be addictive when taken frequently and in the wrong amounts.

According to me, marijuana should be legalized but only in conditions favoring medical requirements. In the past years they used marijuana to treat dozens of illnesses, why should we not embrace their methods? I agree that marijuana is addictive, patients recommended to take medical marijuana drugs should have self-discipline and be taught about the effects of marijuana when taken wrongly. Medical marijuana has aided a lot in the area of pain relief. Before taking any potentially beneficial marijuana drugs for your health, seek a doctor’s advice first.

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