How to Make Magic Mushrooms Safely

How to make magic mushrooms safely is slowly changing due to their therapeutic potential of these mushrooms. Most of them grow naturally in different parts of the world. If you are very lucky you will find some of them growing in the wild on their own. If you don’t have an experience, you can easily misidentify those mushrooms.

For you to stay safe, you must buy from a reliable source. It is also possible to purchase mushrooms spores without active compound called psilocybin. This is very important information to consider before you start growing shrooms.

Growing shrooms at home is very easy though it requires a lot of patience and cleanliness. You will also need to purchase some equipment which are easily available. The only difficult part is getting a spore syringe from a reliable supplier so as to avoid contaminating spores or make you misidentify strains.

Where to shrooms grow?

There is a species of shrooms known as Psilocybe cubensis which grows in tropical climates. That type of the mushroom is also one of the easiest to grow at home. If you are interested to look for mushrooms in the wild, always try areas close to water or forested areas. Mushrooms require moisture and nutrients to grow and these habitats provide both of their requirements. Some species of mushrooms also grow in grassland and in the fields. When it is the time for harvest the mushrooms, identify them since this a very important step on how to make magic mushrooms safely. This is a very important step since some of the mushrooms look similar to magic mushrooms but very poisonous. They can cause sickness or death. If you are not sure about safety of the mushroom, please leave it.

What are the conditions needed to grow shrooms?

The easiest method to use is a mushroom grow kit. They include a substrate, a grow bag and a syringe. Some of the kits have mycelium which is the main body of fungus. All you will is to add water. Once you get the above kits you follow the following steps:

  1. Prepare the jars.
  2. Prepare the substrate.
  3. Fill the jars.
  4. Steam to sterilize.
  5. Prepare the spore syringe.
  6. Inject the spores.
  7. Prepare the fruiting chamber.
  8. Transfer and wait for fruiting to begin.

The time the shrooms will take depends on the conditions and variety. Keep checking on the mycelium cakes, when they start appearing as white pumps and finally sprout. The mushrooms will be ready for harvesting between 5-12 days. Always harvest them before veil breaks since it will reveal gills.

How to make magic mushrooms grow safely is of great importance since help in improving of hygiene and safety of the users. They also contain many nutrients and they should not be over-cooked since the nutrients might be lost.