Uses of Cannabis during Corona virus

Use of bhang has been heavily criticized by many people. This is because its abuse has been so rampant than especially among the youths. People have knocked it down to an extend that they have developed a myth on it that every person seen wandering aimlessly in the streets and due to one reason or another, they have run mad, it is thought that they are victims of uncontrolled long use of bhang. This tells how people have developed negative ideology on the narcotic drug. Amid a quite notable number of disadvantages of consuming marijuana, there is consequently many uses of it. Mostly, weed is regarded for its medical benefits. There are many uses of cannabis that gives its fame. It is normal for a doctor to recommend bhang to a patient. Many people. However, forget that bhang under prescription is always regulated. A patient is required to produce a letter issued by a medical practitioner to be issued with the dosages medical importance of marijuana include the following:

It stimulates appetite and reduces severe pain

Marijuana is mostly recommended medically for people who are to go through chemotherapy. These people suffer from acute pain, painful vomiting and more especially loss of appetite. These are mainly cancer patients who go through chemotherapy. Weed is recommended to relieve pain.

It improves lung health and disarms effects of carcinogen

According to research, marijuana increases lung capacity and improves lung functions. Practically, when a person smokes bhang, they do it in large puffs. This increases the surface area of the lungs to accommodate large amounts of smoke. This therefore increases the volume of the chest cavity which holds the lungs, and in turn, the lungs get used to containing large amounts of an air and hence its function is improved

Helps curb nightmares

Patients in the hospital who go through nightmares could be assisted by smoking weed This is because the bhang interrupts the sleeping patterns. Sometimes, people may not sleep at all. This ensures that the time when the nightmares occur is interrupted hence, they do not occur.

Psychological traumatization

Cannabis lessens brain bruising. This is after a person becomes traumatized. Nowadays, especially with the outbreak of Corona virus, many people are in risk of becoming mentally disturbed. For example, when a whole family bid being suspected of contracting the virus and are all taken to the quarantine centers, they are likely to be shocked in fear of dying from the life-claiming infection. It triggers extensive sensations of trauma to the brain cells which may not be able to counteract them. To curb this effect, medical practitioners recommend marijuana to their patients. These works best because weed users never get disturbed even when it is contingent. They are always excited hence their brains are ever relaxed.

It is clear that cannabis has many uses over a person’s health. This tells how beneficial it is when it comes to curing or preventing some infections.