The Hidden Agenda Of Therapeutic Uses Of Cannabis

The applications of marijuana in therapy have substantial clinical proof showing it has multiple medical usefulness. Vomiting, appetite stimulation, and nausea are easily manageable symptoms. Marinol as a form of THC has been applied for more than a decade in treating the underlying symptoms in both cancer and AIDS patients. Furthermore, a combination of cannabinoids may have even better results.

In the article below, we discuss the therapeutic uses of cannabis in health matters.

Chemotherapy Effects

Vomiting and nausea prevail when stimulation of some sensory center is present in the digestive tract and the brain. During vomiting, the digestive tract undergoes complex coordination with respiratory muscles alongside behavior. Although little is known about how nausea builds up, commitments have been made to establish a  way to manage the unpleasant feelings.

Following this, researchers have evaluated different cannabinoids to ascertain their ability to stop vomiting. Therapeutic uses for cannabis are evident in THC(delta-9) and delta-8-THC and nabilone, and levonantradol, all under synthetic cannabinoids that have the same receptors as THC. Upon assessing the four compounds, they have shown effectiveness in managing to vomit due to chemotherapy.

Weight loss and Anorexia

Weight loss and anorexia are common side effects present in many illnesses, particularly cancer. A waiting syndrome was a manifestation in AIDs patients before the availability of antiretroviral therapy. However, in 1992, dronabinol was expanded to curb the associated weight loss. Although insufficient evidence supports this, it is still an effective treatment in minimal capacities. Therapeutic uses for cannabis helps manage weight loss and anorexia.


 Epilepsy occurs when clusters of neurons in the body behave abnormally to cause seizures. Even though there is no solid evidence to support the therapeutic uses of cannabis, it helps relieve symptoms.


Anxiety is a form of order where an individual exhibits excess fear and psychological discomforts that directly result in distress and proper functioning of the mind. It requires a single dose of CBD to stabilize an individual’s mental health, proving that marijuana is useful in therapy procedures.

In summary, this content outlines the contribution made by cannabis in therapy when addressing health complications. In reality, the usefulness of marijuana is broad when it comes to health matters.

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