How to Take Cannabis Edibles Safely

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug coming from cannabis plants and may also be known as marijuana among other names. Cannabis edibles, therefore, refer to all types of foods, beverages, and drinks that contain a certain amount of cannabis. Most people take these drugs for the relaxing and calming effect they have on the body, some of which may be prescribed by the doctor. Here are some guidelines on how to take cannabis edibles safely.

 Select your Cannabinoid (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

CBD and THC are components of cannabis. CBD is non-intoxicating and is used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and also in cases of epilepsy. It is present in both cannabis plants and human bodies. THC is more psychoactive. It is the element that gets you high. For psychoactive high, THC edibles should be your pick but for moderate, calm, and relaxing effects CBD edibles should be your choice. A combination of both THC and CBD can also be used to have a balanced effect. 

Select the Right Product

Another measure on how to take cannabis edibles safely is to select the right product. Weed chocolates, cookies, and gums are the most preferred products because they are easy to consume and give the same satisfaction as smoking and vaping without necessarily having to smoke. After all, smoking is harmful to your lungs. Cannabis beverages can also be an option for a moderate experience. 

Use the Right Dosage

Cannabis has a different effect on people. Some might experience ecstasy, relaxation, calmness, sharp and being active while others may be depressed, aggressive, and distant. Therefore, you should choose a product that is easy to dose. Overdosing could lead to extreme effects which may not be safe for your health. Take your time before taking another dose, possibly 24hrs. It will ensure that your body can accommodate the dosage and you do not become an addict.

Effects of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis can have short-term effects that can be both positive and negative effects on the human body. These positive effects experienced may be that of relaxation, creativity, focus, etc. Negative effects occur due to the misuse of the drugs. Such things may be; nausea, decreased blood pressure, anxiety, hallucination, delayed reaction time, etc. The long-term effects of hemp include; slow brain development, mental health issues, respiratory problems, addictiveness, etc.


In as much as we would like to believe that there are several ways on how to take cannabis edibles safely, people are incapable of controlling their desires, meaning that it is next to impossible to take safety measures. However, if the above guidelines adhere, or dosage is taken according to the doctor’s prescription, then cannabis edibles can be safely consumed.