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This section is here for all of John's fans to share their voices and participate in the website. Do you have a message or a story to share? A review, an article, or fan-art inspired by John or one of his characters?

If so, you may send your contributions to webmaster@johnglover.info for review and I will post them here.

Fan & site contributor Rhonda Eudaly with John at NYC's Penn Station, February 2002. Photograph by sockii.

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Fan Essays

Rarefied Air by kelex. A Lionel Luthor Character Study.
(Posted: October 31, 2004)

Luthor Potential Denied by Rhonda Eudaly. Musings on what could have -- and perhaps should have -- been.
(Posted: June 4, 2004)

The Shaving Ritual by ceruleancat. Thoughts on Lionel in the Smallville third season finale, "Covenant".
(Posted: June 3, 2004)

Event Reports & Photos

Towson Memory Walk 2006. Photos by Jerry Palmerino
(Posted: October 17, 2006)

Salisbury Memory Walk 2006. Photo-essay by Nicole Pellegrini
(Posted: October 16, 2006)

Memory Walk 2004 Report by Nicole Pellegrini. Complete with photographs.
(Posted: October 4, 2004)

Memory Walk Photo Album. Photographs from the Memory Walk, contributed by Inna Dorman and Jerry Palmerino.
(Posted: October 5, 2004)

Fan Art
(Click thumbnail for full view)
Be sure to check the Fan Art area of the
Members' Forum for more Fan Artwork!
Smallvillde work by Andreas:
pencil work by sockii:
Someone to Watch Over Me
digital art by lcamille:
Fanart of Lionel and Julian Luthor from an alternative universe in which Julian lived. Anton Yelchin as Julian Luthor.
Fun & Games

The Many Faces of John Glover

About the Game

The Many Faces of John Glover is a game of HTML Maj Jongg solitare that installs on any PC or Mac and runs through your browser. The tiles are stacked with sets of four matching tiles and you clear the array by matching identical sets of two. There are also two sets of four tiles that are called "wild cards" -- the four tiles in each set are non-matching, but they have a theme in common.

HINT: One of the themes is fairly obvious -- there are four black-and-white tiles that will clear in any combination. The other non-matching theme set is more subtle. Could the theme be hair styles or hats? Movie/tv roles or period pieces? Being a fan will definitely come in handy if you want to clear the tiles in the time alotted.

Download and Install Instructions:

To play, click on the link below and choose "SAVE", then save the zip file to a folder somewhere on your hard drive. Open the zip file, click EXTRACT, and choose the location where you want to install the game.

To play, just navigate to the location where you unzipped the JGMaj folder and click on "index.html" which will open in your browser. The file is only about a third of a megabyte, so it takes up next-to-no space. Enjoy! (Please note: this html game requires Internet Explorer to play properly. Unfortunately it is not compatible with other web browsers.)

HTML - Mah Jongg v1.01 (c) by Sascha Noormann. Tiles rigged by Beresfordlane.


Please do not use any of the content on this page without asking the contributing individuals for permission first! Thank you.

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