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Welcome to The Brimstone Zone, where you'll find all you need to know about the wonderful, if woefully short-lived television seres Brimstone. With time, many of the Brimstone fan and official sites which used to be on the internet have disappeared, but this site is here to stay and will be expanding as I attempt to track down more "lost" information.

If you have anything you'd like to contribute to the site, please email them to webmaster with "Brimstone" in your subject line.


episode guide

Your standard episode guide for the series

unfilmed episodes

details on how the first season would have ended Updated 7/1/04


background information on the series, cast and production crew


Interviews and reviews from various media sources Updated 7/1/04


A collection of photographs and screen-captures Updated 6/23/04


Memorable quotes from the show.


Other places on the internet worth visiting Updated 6/3/04

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