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January 22, 2002

Here's the latest news summary: John is currently on stage at the 2econd Stage Theatre in New York, for "Sorrows and Rejoicings", through the end of February. My good friend Rhonda and I managed to have a nice chat with him after the show (as we were all headed back to Penn Station afterwards) and we learned that:

1. Emily Mann has asked him to come back to the McCarter Theatre next Spring for a new production of "Uncle Vanya".

2. He will have one scene in an upcoming "Smallville", airing in the next couple weeks, but that is the last he has filmed so far as he is now committed to staying in New York through February. But after that, we might see "Lionel Luthor" return.

3. During the technical rehearsals for "Sorrows and Rejoicings", he completed a short (30 min) film by Scott Billups called Mid-Century. The film will feature a lot of computer effects/graphics and should make some appearances at upcoming film festivals...I'll post if I see any news about it.

4. Also recently completed was a new audio book recording of Ray Bradbury's From the Dust Returned.

And that's all I know at the moment! Here's the man himself, with Rhonda, captured at the station before we said our goodbyes (click to view larger size):

November 23, 2001

Hey everyone! Just a few tardy newsbits from your ever sporadic page admin.

First off, John has so far appeared in two episodes of the WB's new series, "Smallville". He was in the opening scenes of the pilot, as well as in two scenes of the third episode, "Hothead". Kryptonsite reports that we'll next get to see John in the December 11th episode, so don't forget to set your vcrs!

Also, John is currently in California, starring in "The Time Of Your Life" at the Skylight Theater in Los Feliz.

In January, John will be returning to the East Coast, where "Sorrows and Rejoicings" will begin at the 2econd Stage Theatre in New York. John is the only cast member returning from the original McCarter Theatre production. More news on this when actual dates are announced.

April 13, 2001

Okay, well, it's been a while, hasn't it? But I'm here just in time to post two new, exciting news items!

First off, we can all look forward to seeing John in an at least recurring guest role on WB's Fall 2001 series "Smallville". This series will focus on the teenage years of Clark Kent (aka Superman) and 13 episodes have been ordered so far. John has been cast to play Lionel Luthor, father of Lex Luthor. For more information on the series, check out www.kryptonsite.com's very extensive information page.

Also on the horizon, John will be back at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton New Jersey next month. He will be appearing in "Sorrows and Rejoicings", a new play by Athol Fugard, from May 1-May 20. You can find more information about the show and order tickets at www.mccarter.org. John appeared at the McCarter last year in "The Cherry Orchard".

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